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We’re very lucky to have Bike Taupō as one of our key partners. Bike Taupō is a non-profit cycling advocacy group which aims to promote cycling as a healthy, environmentally friendly, enjoyable and convenient form of transport and recreation. They build and maintain awesome mountain bike tracks and have developed a network of about 200 kilometres in the Taupō region since the group’s formation in 2002.

Craters Mountain Bike Park, created and maintained by Bike Taupō, is part of the Wairakei Tourist Park, located in the Wairakei Forest. Most tracks can be ridden year-round as the free draining pumice soil surface means that even in wet weather, there is normally little or no mud!

Bike Taupō’s mountain bike tracks are world-class and accredited by the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) as a Silver Ride Centre, the first in New Zealand.

Please note that all users of Craters MTB Park must be a member of Bike Taupō. There are annual or short-term visitor options, you can join online or visit a local cycle shop, or the Kefi at the Hub.

Directions to Craters Mountain Bike Park: When driving north from Taupō turn right on to Huka Falls Road and the main car park is 200m round on the right. Alternatively, the park can be accessed by turning left on to Karapiti Road and the carpark is 500m up on the left.  There is a third access beside Wairakei Drive about 500m back towards Taupō on the western side of the road which enters the forest near the start of Bumble Bee/BBC and SH Fun.

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Many of the beautiful trees you see in the Wairakei Tourist Park area, plus the increase in native bird life, is all thanks to Greening Taupō.

Greening Taupō is an amazing organisation which undertakes restoration planting and pest control to create ecological corridors, allowing the number of native birds to flourish. This improves the Taupō environment for people and native wildlife.

The concept for Greening Taupō arose as a result of vision and discussions between Project Tongariro, the Department of Conservation and Wairakei Golf & Sanctuary who believed that a collaborative organisation could take conservation to the next level in the Taupō community.

The goal is to replicate the intensive conservation work occurring within the Wairakei Golf & Sanctuary into the surrounding community. The objective of Greening Taupō is to improve the Taupō environment for people and native wildlife, which will involve undertaking restoration planting and pest control to create ecological corridors and increase the number of native birds. Particular attention is focused on access routes to and from Taupō, this will also help create a memorable first impression for visitors’ arrival to Taupō.

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