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Craters Mountain Bike is located in the Wairakei Forest and is operated and maintained by Bike Taupo.  There’s something for every mountain bike enthusiast. Enjoy riding the fantastic trails surrounded by the exotic pine and eucalyptus plantations. Most tracks can be ridden year-round as the free draining pumice soil surface means that even in wet weather, there is normally little or no mud!

Located just North of Taupo township, there is something in the mountain bike park for everyone. Over 50 kilometres of single track trails that range from grade 2 (easy) to grade 4-5 (technical).

Please note that all users of Craters MTB Park must be a member of Bike Taupo. There are annual or short-term visitor membership options. You can join online, visit a local cycle shop, or Kefi at the Hub.


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